Please note: for editorial reasons this is the only page in English.

CFC Hertha 06 has four sports sections: football, table-tennis, ninepins and chess.

Welcome to the chess section!

We are a small club in Charlottenburg with 58 members. We meet Thursdays at 7pm in our Sportheim. We have four teams that compete in the Berlin championships where our First and Second Teams play in the first division. Our club championship is played in three divisions. Besides that we have a special tournament for the Richard Steinmetz - Cup. Each first Thursday of a month there is a tournament in " Lightning Chess " (5 minutes per player). Guests are always welcome. Our activities are not limited to chess (we also go on trips, play cards, have parties etc).

We hit it off with each other! Visitors are invited to check this out.

The contents of the homepage: you will find the usual dates of tournaments on our pages.

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Information about the club, its address and the address of the people you may want to contact are available. All the members are briefly introduced on a special page.

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Results of our four teams competing in the Berlin championships with individual scores.

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An overview of all the divisions in our club tournament, the Richard Steinmetz - Cup , the monthly results in Lightning Chess and other events.

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Entries in our guest book are possible in any European language. Of course you can also play chess online with us.

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The games of chess express our creativity. A visit to our problem corner,which is being brought up to date every other month, may - with a little luck and the submission of a correct solution - get you a small prize.

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Detailed reports obout activities concerning chess and other events,especially about chess - trips. After visiting our homepage you might be interested in the links offering further interesting pathways through the world of chess. The German ratings (Deutsche Wertungszahl,DWZ),equivalents to ELO,are , of course, also available for every member.